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Fic: Suddenly One Summer, Harry Potter/Weiss Kreuz, Draco/Nagi, G

Title: Suddenly One Summer
Fandom: Harry Potter/Weiss Kreuz
Pairing: Draco Malfoy/Nagi Naoe
Rating: G
Notes: Psycho teenagers in love, written for daegaer.

'I can't believe you're doing this.' Blaise Zabini lolled back on his bed, one long leg crossed over the other, idly twirling his wand in one hand. 'What the fuck are you going to do in Japan? You don't speak Japanese. Do you even know anyone there apart from him?'

'Shut up. I can learn.'

'And what about money?' Blaise said.

'I'll get a job. He says there's lots of work out there.'

'Work? You?'

Blaise didn't have a pleasant laugh.

Draco knelt down, yanked his trunk from under the bed and began to fling his belongings into it, grabbing robes haphazardly from his wardrobe and underwear from the wooden chest of drawers under the window.  He slung his textbooks into a corner, paused over his quidditch robes then threw them in. They were still muddy and damp. He stuffed his broom in on top.

'You must be upset,' Blaise said. 'You could have just packed with a spell.'

Draco ignored him and carried on, picking things up, leaving behind jokes and toys and photographs. Blaise sat up and swung his legs down from the bed. When he spoke, his voice was quieter, more urgent.

'Look, Draco, I...'

The trunk lid slammed shut with finality, making Blaise wince.

'What about your dad? What's he going to say? And your mum too. You can't just leave like this.'

'He's in Azkaban and she's disowned me; I don't give a shit what they think. Why should I? When have they ever thought about me?' He was shouting and Blaise was staring at him, mouth open and hands gripping the edge of the bed. 'I've got no future here. You know that. Nagi's going. I'm going with him! Locomotor trunk!'


A small subdued group stood at the main entrance, waiting.

The tall dark haired man and the thin redhead stood elbow to elbow. The red haired man looked impatient and rolled his eyes at the other one, tapping at his watch. Standing some way apart from them was Snape, arms folded and a scowl nailed in place. Parked close by was a red sports car of a type Draco didn't recognise.  His eyes were too blurred to see clearly. Nagi leaned close, face to face so that their hair touched.

'But you said we could go together. You lied.'

'I'm sorry, Draco,' Nagi said, reaching up to touch his cheek.  'It wasn't a lie. I would never lie to you. But you can't come.'

'But why?' Tears were streaming down his face now, but he didn't care; he couldn't have stopped them even if the entire school had been watching. This was the first thing he'd ever wanted and it was vanishing before him like mist. Nagi was the only person he'd ever believed in. 'I thought you wanted me to come.'

'You heard what Professor Snape told us. He won't let you go, and he's right. Besides, my... family wants me to travel places with them.' He let out a soft breath. 'You shouldn't be with us. With me. I'm not nice.'

'But neither am I!'

At that, Nagi flung his arms around him and hugged him close. 'I know,' he whispered into Draco's neck. 'I know.'

'Please don't forget me,' Draco said, kissing the words into hot damp skin. Gravel crunched behind them and his heart contracted.

'Time to go, you two. Break it up. The hormones are giving me a headache.'

The red haired man tapped Nagi on the shoulder, grinning. Nagi squinted up at him and a look passed between them.

'Please, Schuldig,' Nagi said.

'Tsk. The things I do for you kids. Come on, before Crawford pops a blood vessel.'

'Goodbye, Draco,' Nagi said. He leaned in, one last time. 'I won't forget.'

They turned to the car, the red haired man closing the door for Nagi then getting in himself with a wave and a laugh.

Draco wondered why he was outside, and what his trunk was doing at his feet. In the distance a red car sped off, churning up gravel and dust. As it turned the corner and vanished its horn sounded, a faint, cheery noise.

'Hey,' said Blaise.

Snape put a hand on Draco's shoulder and led him back inside.
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