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FIC: Untitled, HP/Rockslash, Hermione/Johnny Rotten & Ginny/Brody Dalle, R

Hi I have a thing for fast girls and rock stars.

For both:

TITLE: Untitled
AUTHOR: Sifelaver
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, never happened, no libel intended.

Hermione/Johnny Rotten

She doesn't bother to comb her hair, but she puts on too much makeup and transfigures her clothes and Floos her way into some tacky Muggle bar, turns time to where the dust makes her fit right in. She's been here before, and she's seen this band before, and she's fucked their lead singer before.

So it's entirely expected that she drinks more than she can handle and finds hands wandering up her skirt, hands leading her out into the alleyway where they can still hear the brawling inside. And the scrapes on her hands from the brick wall, those are expected, too.

She likes that this boy's got so many holes in his shirt that she can rip it completely off him with very little effort at all. She likes how his hair stands up straight when she runs her hands through it, and how she keeps sticking her fingers on opened safety pins, and how he growls in that accent.

She comes with his thumb in all the right places, bites his ear as she does, and then pushes herself away from him. Blows a kiss, transfigures her skirt back to acceptable, and twists the watch with just enough time to hear Johnny saying
"What the fuck?"

Ginny/Brody Dalle

Ginny likes city girls, independent city girls with no country inhibitions, beautiful city girls who think her grit of old poverty is romantic. Wizards have fled to the suburbs and beyond and so the city streets she walks now are full of Muggles, with no one she knows for miles around, and she smiles. No one knows her here and no one sees her here with a girl she just met, older girl worldly girl with black hair and black eyeliner and a black miniskirt not-quite-covering black lacy panties. Beautiful girl, one who says her name in a way that makes Ginny do that little 'o' with her mouth, because that pride and expectation means she's just met someone famous, a Muggle hero.

Brody talks about cocaine and power chords, her brash American accent scraping Ginny's ears in a good kind of way, dirty fingernails cutting up her lower back in an even better kind of way. She talks like a rock star and yeah that tongue is a rock star tongue in more than one goddamned way and Ginny comes hard and, fuck, she feels like falling in love tonight.

"Jeezus, I gotta be in Tokyo tomorrow," Brody groans, and Ginny kisses her quiet and says "It's only midnight, tomorrow's a whole world away."

And, yeah, she's falling in love tonight.
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