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Fic: A Cup of Tea (HP/HLotS; Lupin, Pembleton, Bayliss)

Title: A Cup of Tea
Author: victoria p. [victoria @ unfitforsociety.net]
Summary: Remus wakes up and stumbles into a murder investigation.
Rating: PG
Fandoms: Harry Potter/Homicide: Life on the Street
Disclaimer: Remus belongs to Rowling, Frankentim belong to Levinson, Fontana, NBC etc. No copyright infringement is intended.
Archive: Achromatic.
Feedback: Would be awesome
Notes: All liviapenn's fault. Set sometime before Bayliss has his moment of revelation and just after HBP, I guess. Begun in August 2003, if you can believe it.
Word count: 2,566
Date: October 10, 2005

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zen, your ocean refuses no river

Fic: Older and Far Away (HP/BtVS, Remus/Xander)

Title: Older and Far Away
Author: victoria p. [victoria @ unfitforsociety.net]
Summary: Remus wondered what kind of trouble he'd got himself into.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: So not mine, on either count.
Archive: Lists, Achromatic.
Feedback: would be lovely.
Notes: Many thanks to lorax for the beta.
Date: February 9, 2005


[Older and Far Away]

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*Originally posted 31 March 2004*

Title: Welcome to the Dark Side
Author: hackthis
Rating: 15 (for character death)
Fandoms: SV/RPS/HP/LOTRips
Pairing: Lex Luthor/Eminem/Draco Malfoy/Viggo Mortensen and *Guests*

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Fic: Thanatophilia (HP/Sandman)

Title: Thanatophilia
Author: victoria p.
Summary: Remus has always loved Death.
Rating: NC-17
Fandoms: HP/Sandman
Pairings: Remus/Death (Remus/Sirius)
Disclaimer: Very much not mine. Sigh.
Feedback: would be lovely.
Notes: Thanks as always to Jen, Pete/Melissa, Dot, and Meg. Thanks muchly to circe_tigana for the wonderful beta (and the suggestion of switching the order), and to leadensky for making me flesh it out.

You don't need to have read Sandman, you just need to know that every hundred years (I think), Death spends one day as a human being. Let's just ignore The High Cost of Living. *g*

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Fic: So Many Monsters & Gone Gently (HP/Sandman)

These two are short and go together, so I figured I'd post them in one post.

Title: So Many Monsters
Author: victoria p.
Summary: "I used to have demons in my room at night / desire, despair, desire / so many monsters"
Rating: PG
Fandoms: HP/Sandman
Characters: Sirius, Delirium, Despair, Desire.
Disclaimer: None of the characters herein belong to me.
Feedback: Rings my chimes
Notes: Thanks to Jen, Pete/Melissa, Dot, Meg and DD. Title and summary from "No More I Love Yous" by the Lover Speaks (or Annie Lennox, depending).

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Title: Gone Gently
Author: victoria p.
Summary: "Do not go gentle into that good night."
Rating: G
Fandoms: HP/Sandman
Characters: Sirius, Death.
Disclaimer: Still not mine.
Feedback: I need it like Dylan Thomas needed a drink.
Notes: Thanks to Jen, Dot, Meg and Pete'n'Melissa. Can be considered a sequel to So Many Monsters. Summary from Dylan Thomas.

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